Bazila Farooq
Research scholar (LPU)

Welcome to the Kashmir Writers’ Association! Your participation benefits our community of dedicated authors by encouraging creativity, sharing ideas, and adding to Kashmir’s literary scene. Your unique perspective will inspire fellow authors as you actively engage in our events, conversations, and contribute your creative works, adding to the colorful tapestry of voices that distinguishes our organization. Please contact members with questions or ideas; we’re here to make your experience fun. Exciting literary adventures await!

Farooq Shaheen
Kashmiri Writer and Author

As a writer, I thank Mr. Fida Firdous for starting a website for writers who find it difficult to publish their work online on a platform where people genuinely appreciate good literature. Wishing Kashmir Writes the best of luck.

Khursheed Dar
Author/Columnist (Kashmiri Sufism)

Mr. Fida Firdous's launch of the website - Kashmir Writes - under the Kashmir Writers Association is a commendable initiative, a feather in his cap. May this endeavor soar to great success, fostering goodwill and harmony among our valley's diverse population. Let's join in to support, hoping it becomes a beacon for unity and shared cultural richness in Kashmir.

Darakshan Hassan Bhat
Writer, social worker

Kashmir Writes is an initiative that’s one of a kind launched by the Kashmir Writers Association as part of their motto to bring out prolific writers from all around the valley of Kashmir. This platform will provide young writers with the power to showcase their skills and talent to not just the country but to the whole world. Kudos!

Rayees Ahmad Kumar
Scholar and reviewer

My best wishes and all the success to this website for breaking boundaries and transcending borders to reel in, what I think would be, the best platform for young and enthusiastic writers of the valley.

Khan Sikandar Bashir
Kashmiri, Urdu and English writer, Author

Kashmir Writers Association has been at the forefront of numerous collaborations between people from various sections of the society. And with this new venture, I can see it ascend even higher to the realm of true victory. More power to the pen!

Faisal Aslam
Budding Urdu Writer

Silvia Plath once said that “everything in life is writable if you have the outgoing guts to do it, and the imagination to improvise. The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt.” Adding to her words, I would say that to kill self doubt, one needs a proper mentor, a guide. And KWA provides the best tools for budding writers to have confidence in what they write, showing them the way to find the writer in them. This website won’t just create opportunities for writers but the common people, the readers, of our society would benefit too. To explore new writers is to explore new eyes to appreciate colours in a community. This website has made it much easier for us to do that. All thanks to the team of KWA.

Fida Firdous
President KWA

Kashmir Writers’ Association extends a spacious podium to the budding writers of Kashmir. The association represents writers across the valley whose sole objective is to bring to the surface socioeconomic and political issues for general public awareness. Writers skilled in any genre are welcome to the KWA podium. Through the pen, our writers put their hearts and minds open to the people of our society so that they can understand the greater good. Communication is the only source through which we can reach each other’s hearts and minds. Besides podcasts, speeches and sermons, the most effective and long-lasting source of communication is the pen. The pen creates styles of communication which we know as literary genres, that include prose, poetry and drama. It has an unfathomable influence on people, and its potency changes the course of nations. I, as the president of KWA, invite all enthusiasts to be part of this association and help educate the society by practising positive and productive journalism.